8 Yoga Poses for Travel Woes

yoga travelLet’s face it, exploring new places is fun and exciting, but traveling is also hard on the body. From feeling cramped on an airplane to long car rides to sleeping in a foreign place, you may experience a “Calgon take me away moment” by the end of your trip. After a long day of traveling or sightseeing, your body may be calling for some extra TLC and healthy traveling tips. Here are some yoga stretches that may help loosen up your sore muscles and release your travel woes.

Childs-pose-thumbnailChild’s Pose (with stomach massage)

This is a must-do pose to help with bloating and digestion. Make a fist with your hands, place them on opposite sides of your navel, and gently massage your stomach by making little circles with your fist (while staying in the pose). Then, change the direction of your circles.


rocking-down-dogDownward Facing Dog

Ahh, this pose should feel quite lovely after a long day of walking. Try “walking the dog” by bending one knee and straightening the other leg. You should feel a welcome stretch in your calf muscle. Repeat on the other side, moving at a pace that feels good to your body.


lunge to quad stretchCrescent Lunge with Quad Stretch

Start in your crescent lunge and raise the opposite arm of the bent knee. This is a great way to stretch your hip flexors. Once you find your balance, draw your back foot towards your buttocks for a nice release in your quadricep muscle.


HalfSplitsHalf Split Pose

This is a great pose to add in after your crescent lunge. Straighten your front leg, and slowly fold over. This pose does wonders on your calf muscles, hamstrings, and lower back. Take your time on this one and savor it!



While pressing your feet together, see if you can open up the soles of your feet like a book. It’s more important in this pose to extend your heart forward than rounding your back and collapsing downward. Feel the release in your lower back.


twist 2Simple Seated Twist

Great to help flush out toxins in the body by rotating the spine and massaging your organs. Stay in this pose as long as you like. Once you find your twist, let the pose do the work, and stop struggling.


Double-Pigeon-200x300Double Pigeon Pose

Always requested in yoga class, this is a variation of pigeon pose. Excellent to combat sitting for long periods of time. Try to keep the legs stacked on top of one another and both feet flexed. Repeat with the opposite leg on top.


legsLegs Up The Wall

You cannot get enough of this pose. Take a warm bath after a long day of walking, and then do this pose in bed against the headboard. You can also come into this pose with bent legs resting on top of a chair. Good for relaxation and also digestion.

This is a short list to get you started. Remember, these poses come from my personal practice and what feels good to my body based on my injuries. When you are on the mat and doing these poses, and your body wants to do something else, then go for it! Listen to your body and what movements feel good to you. If we listen hard enough, our body tells us what it needs – that’s the beauty of doing a yoga practice – you become better in tune with what is best for your body, moment to moment.

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