Life is a Process, Not a Series of Goals

In a go-go world, we get caught up in the tailspin of chasing after a job promotion, marking off items on our to-do list, running errands, and doing household chores — all for a sense of completion, relaxation, and peace of mind. Too often, our satisfaction is delayed, stalled, or sometimes never comes because of […]

I broke my foot. How would you choose to look at it?

Two days before Christmas, I found out I have a stress fracture and needed to wear a walking boot for three weeks. I had broken my foot in a pretty bad spot — the doctor said that if it doesn’t heal with the boot, then surgery is the next step. Yikes – that got my attention! In one […]

Yoga for the Face, Eyes, Ears, and Jaw with Tias Little

This post is part of a series about my experience at the SF Yoga Journal Conference in January 2014. The title of this session was by itself enough to get me through the door. Rarely do the head and neck region get the attention they deserve in yoga classes, much less a savasana (corpse pose) that truly relaxes […]