Tips to Detox Your Relationships

Relationships with our self and others can get sticky, and they may even turn toxic. Without care and attention, our relationships become unhealthy. This interview series by relationship experts Gay and Katie Hendricks discusses ways to detoxify our relationships. It is important to note that the tips shared in the video can be helpful for the relationship you have with yourself as well as with others.

Gay and Katie Hendricks discuss three factors to detoxify your relationships. These factors are labeled as commitments: commit to tell the truth, commit to take responsibility, and commit to creativity. Being truthful is straightforward, and we can all agree that relationships must have this foundation in order to grow. The second factor relates to two toxins, blame and criticism, that deserve special attention. When we blame and criticize, we are hurting the receiving target. Gay and Katie Hendricks suggest that we do the opposite: take responsibility. In order to take responsibility and remove these toxins of criticism and blame, they suggest the following techniques: breathe, appreciate, and make a request.

The techniques to remove criticism and blame resonate with me due to my daily practice of yoga. For starters, it makes sense to breathe. It’s always a great idea to start with focusing on your breathing, no matter what problem you are facing. When we take a moment to connect with our breath, then we can be fully present with the other person. This may also require giving the relationship space. Taking a break and going for a walk always cleanses one’s mind, so why not try this technique when you find yourself in an “I’m right” type of argument. Secondly, Gay and Katie Hendricks recommend appreciating what is going well in your relationship. Our relationships are not fed without gratitude. By focusing on the positive qualities in your partner, the love for the relationship will grow. The last step is to make a request.  This step is important to how you move forward and to show that you are willing to learn from each interaction. This attitude of learning is for not one to be more like the other, but to evolve together in the relationship.

Lastly, Gay and Katie Hendricks report the third commitment to detoxify your relationships is creativity. This factor often gets overlooked in our society based on the go-go-go attitude. Taking time to tap into your creative pursuits, whether it is a hobby or learning a new language, replenishes your sense of self. You may also create together to rekindle your relationship. For example, you may re-live your most cherished memories in a creative format.

Relationships are not easy, and this interview series highlights some common toxins that need tending. Gay and Katie Hendricks provide several useful tools to guide your relationships in a healthy direction. When you have the time, I recommend watching the videos. It may be also helpful to watch the interview with your partner. Remember your commitments to each other and yourself. You deserve a happy relationship, both inside and out.

You can watch the “How to Detox Your Relationship” video here: