There’s No Place Like Home

I went away for a long weekend to a retreat in Palm Springs. Aside from the sweltering heat (got up to 122 degrees!), it was a nice way to recharge and unwind. Being around other creatives in an unstructured setting was refreshing. I felt accepted and welcomed from the start. However, no amount of cool can replace the feeling I got as I settled in to my apartment.

I instantly felt like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. There’s nothing like home after a long trip. It doesn’t have to be long really, just time spent away.

While I unpacked my suitcase, I realized it is the simple things make home special. The smell of your pillow, the comfort of your bathroom, the furry friends that missed you immensely, a cup of tea, recorded tv shows, and all the other little things that make up home. These simple pleasures evoke a sense of calm that’s hard to replicate.

This trip reminded me that it is good to get away from our humble abode, if only for a short while. Time spent away from these simple pleasures reminded me why we call it “home.”

Sometimes you have to get away to appreciate what is right in front of you. This lesson can be applied to many key players in our life: relationships, career, family, etc. We get caught up in the day-to-day hustle, that we fall prey to greed, hate, and other unwanted feelings. Taking a step back replenishes our appreciation for all that is good in our life.

What are the small things that you miss after being away from home?

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