Good Riddance to Negativity, and Hello to Moving Forward


Years ago, I was having trouble letting go of some drama that happened in my life. My therapist at the time suggested I write down all the hurtful feelings and messages from the situation, attach the messages to a balloon, and let them fly away in the sky. She wanted me to promise that I would buy some balloons right after I hung up the phone. I remember her telling me how empowered and relieved I would feel after I (both literally and figuratively) let go of these troubling thoughts. Well, needless to say, the idea sounded good and all, but I did not let any balloons go that day.

Last week, I watched Kelly and Michael interview Kurt Russell about his New Year’s Eve plans. His holiday tradition involves sitting around a bonfire with his family and friends having a good time. Nothing special, right? However, the part that caught my attention was their specific “letting go of negativity” process. Kurt explained they write down messages or thoughts that are holding them back, and they throw the slips of paper into the fire. The messages are kept private – no one knows what each other wrote.

Wow! This is like the balloon suggestion from my old therapist. I gotta try this!

The chimney is swept, and firewood is purchased. I made a bullet list of all the things I am ready to say goodbye to as I enter 2016. Now, all I have to do is watch them burn up in flames. It sounds so rewarding just thinking about it!

As we kick off a new year, it’s high time to let go of negative thoughts and unhappy memories that are weighing us down. Rehashing past mistakes, worries, and fears doesn’t always make things better. Sometimes, they can poison future experiences.

Just like you eliminate toxins with a cleanse diet, you can release toxic matters of the heart by doing some kind of activity or ritual to signify their farewell. Make their grand exit something to remember! Don’t forget, this is a special time to acknowledge and celebrate you moving forward.

Best wishes in the new year!


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