Yogurt Bowls!


Lately, I’m obsessed with making yogurt bowls. You can have them as a snack, meal, and even dessert! While I typically avoid dairy, I make an exception for yogurt because it has a lot of probiotics, and it is good for your stomach. Who could resist, once you sample these delightful creations.

My obsession started when my nutritionist recommended a new yogurt shop – Jougert Bar. This place is amazing! The yogurt bowls come in a variety of sweet and savory options. I tend to favor the sweeter ones, and the Black Diamond hits the spot.

For starters, you need a good yogurt – about one cup’s worth per bowl. I recommend using full-fat yogurt, like this one. I chose the full-fat (whole milk) version, because it keeps me fuller and satisfied longer. Plus, some believe whole milk yogurt is less processed since the fat has not been removed.

There are many yogurt flavors to pick from, but I opt for the plain kind. You can add your own sweetener, such as agave nectar or maple syrup, which is more healthy for you than buying one with added sugar. I think it tastes better, too.

Once you spoon out your yogurt, toppings are next. This is the fun part where you can get creative with your bowls. Consider adding fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, etc. I like to add cacao nibs for a rich flavor or shredded coconut for a tropical sensation. You can also mix your yogurt and favorite nut butter together for an enjoyable twist.

The savory bowls require a little more preparation than the sweet ones. If you add spinach, sauté your greens and chill them ahead of time. Same goes for veggies – they need to be steamed and chilled before adding to your yogurt.

Yogurt bowls are easy to make, and they only take a couple of minutes to throw together. Next time you are looking for a creative and light dinner, try making a savory yogurt bowl. In my opinion, the sweet ones are good any time of the day!

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