Volunteer for YOU

When you think about the holiday season, you may start to feel overwhelmed.  It’s not surprising given the social pressures that surround this time of year.  Invariably, there is an influx in invitations to socialize at holiday functions, donate to charities, and attend fundraisers, to name a few.  With these engagements, come time commitments.  Unless we pencil in time for ourselves, it may never happen, and this is especially true in the coming weeks.  That’s when I thought of how much time we devote to others while we may be sacrificing precious moments of solitude.

This realization sparked my new slogan:  Volunteer for You.  Why not make time to volunteer and donate to ourselves?  If not for our own well being, then do it for the sake of relations with our coworkers, friends, and family.  The good news is we can survive the holiday season with these simple guidelines.

Take some time to rejuvenate and reflect in solitude.  Even if it is a mere 5 minutes a day, mark this time on your calendar.  Most cell phones come with a calendar and a reminder option.  It may sound silly, but I bet after your phone alarm reminds you it’s “me time,” you will be thanking yourself later.

As you may promote organizations at fundraisers, why not spend time embellishing all that is you.  There is a lot of truth to the old saying that we are our own worst critic.  Let’s put a kink in the negative, self-talk loop that continuously plays in the back of our mind, and change the station to self-preservation, encouragement, and nourishment.

Give to yourself.  Body work is very healing to the mind and body, and there are affordable options available.  For example, some student massage clinics provide discount massage therapy sessions.  You can also treat yourself to a hot bath in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll be surprised at the new “holiday you” after practicing these three simple exercises.  Your friends and family may thank you later for being the only sane one around.  Remember to be kind to yourself and go with grace.

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