Book Review of The Beauty of Different:  Observations of a Confident Misfit by Karen Walrond

This book spoke to me on many different levels. Originally, the portraiture and quotes caught my attention. Karen Walrond is also a photographer and, simply put, this is a pretty book. As I flipped through the images, I was quickly drawn to the stories of people who have learned to embrace their imperfections in a positive light.

Walrond reveals several characteristics that contribute to one’s ability to be comfortable in their own skin. The author calls individuality and bravery as some of the ways beauty can manifest. Waldron reminds us that we all possess inner strength, and through experience coupled with positive thinking, creativity, and motivation we draw awareness to our internal frame of reference. Trust, acceptance, and compassion guide us to make better decisions and treat ourselves with unconditional love. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Walrond highlights forms of external guidance where our self identity gives power to outside factors, such as what others think about us, and stresses that this is not conducive to believing in our own beauty. In this case, anxiety, worry, and fear are the outcome. The author is great at demonstrating this discernment is crucial in being absolutely clear on who you are.

In sum, this book is a great reminder to appreciate you for who you are and to embrace difference. For being Walrond’s first book, she did a fine job bringing mindfulness to beauty within imperfections. The testimonials added a personal touch, sparking the motivation that we can all look for the beauty in others. I recommend this book to anyone experiencing personal insecurities, or simply if you need an ego boost.

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